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The International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is the world’s largest consumer technology trade show and it’s happening right now in Sin City.   The war on tablets appears to be raging this year.   They now even have a tablet for babies and toddlers!

It’s called the “Vinci” and the company claims that it is “a revolutionary new product that builds confidence by inspiring babies to explore and discover.”   What happened to the old fashion way of inspiring babies “to explore and discover” the world?  Like, taking them on nature walks and playing in the sand?

Gadgets like above sometimes frighten me.  However, there are certainly some cool new electronics out this year that seem just amazing.  Check out the photos from CES on The Washington Post.


Now, if only one of these big companies would be willing to team up with us, art therapists, to develop a revolutionary creative hardware and software program for therapeutic purposes…

by Nancy Choe