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An artist friend recommended I download an app called Layer which allows users to find various items based upon augmented reality technology. Basically, you can view the real world around you with layers of artificial information through your smart phone. I found out that many artists are starting to use this technology to make outdoor sculptures in public places and install artwork inside established museums. This is all of course without any permission since nobody owns another person’s visual sensory. Take a look at this video below where artists, Sander Veenhof and Mark Skwarek, decided they would circumvent the traditional art world and host their own exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art using AR.

Augmented Reality (AR) used to be only utilized by big money Hollywood studios and viewed in the movies, but now anyone with a smart phone can experience this. And anyone with basic development knowledge can make their own AR objects.

Below is an old video (since 4 years old is like decades old in the tech world) about AR which I think shows the potential to be used in some way to help treat certain psychological disorders in the future. It can help others understand what it is like to experience hallucinations. And it can help people suffering phobias if exposure therapy is needed. Perhaps it can enable a child in an isolation unit to participate in group art therapy by layering real time video of an art therapy session in a studio. The possibility is endless!