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Digital media use in art therapy is expected to rise as devices such as tablets and phablets are becoming more prevalent in our daily lives.  More and more art therapists are discussing how they use digital tools to help their clients express themselves. So, it wasn’t surprising to see the term, Digital Art Therapy (DAT) entering art therapy’s vernacular to describe this recent phenomenon.  However, I must admit that I have great difficultly accepting this term.  I am glad that more people are aware that art therapy is not limited to using conventional art practices such as painting and sculpture, but separately labeling the use of digital media in art therapy makes it sound like it’s different from the usual art therapy people know.  When our clients use paint in art therapy, we don’t term it “Paint Art Therapy”.  Then why should we label the use of digital media as Digital Art Therapy?

The principles and theory of art therapy do not change just because a client uses a different medium.  The use of “Digital” in front of our professional field has the potential to confuse consumers who may already have some misconceptions about art therapy.  What are your thoughts about the term Digital Art Therapy.