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This is one of those  “natural media” software that mimics the appearance of many traditional media.  With the use of a stylus, you can vary the line’s thickness and textural appearance.  I like the way how it has a very professional-like appearance but still being very easy to navigate and experiment.  The blending effect is quite amazing and very realistic.  However, the variety of options and sub-options may be too overwhelming and confusing to some clients.  For instance, the blending and layering options are only reserved for the very art-savvy clients or those who want to challenge themselves.

Below are some of its features:

  • Developed for all levels of artists.
  • Provides a set of natural painting tools: oil brush, paint roller, paint tube, palette knife, water color brush, and air brush that let you smear, blend, and spread paint directly on the screen.
  • Provides sketching and drawing tools: pencil, chalk, crayon, inking pen, and felt pen.
  • A variety of canvas/paper properties
  • RGB colors (full color wheel) with tint/tone picker.
  • Layer controls with opacity adjustments and transparency preservation.
  • Unlimited layers
  • Virtual pressure sensitivity
  • Variety of exporting formats such as jpg, pdf, psd, tiff, png, bmp and others.
  • Zoom and pan


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