The Technology Committee’s purpose is to gather, formulate and disseminate knowledge relevant to the use of digital technology as a therapeutic medium. The Committee examines ideas, issues, trends and concerns related to the use of technology in therapeutic practice in order to develop recommendations and offer relevant education for AATA members, thus ensuring that AATA members are prepared for the future.


The Technology Committee exists to serve art therapists by defining best practices for using current technology in clinical work in multiple venues and to foster the exploration and inclusion of digital arts through reviews of software and apps as they become available.


The Technology Committee exists to foster the inclusion of digital arts technologies into accredited art therapy graduate/undergraduate curriculum. It will encourage the education and application of digital arts usage in art therapy settings with diverse populations.


The Technology Committee exists to promote and make accessible to the art therapy community at large: data sets, publications, grants and locations of digital arts technologies research.


The Technology Committee exists to cultivate parameters of technological use in art therapy, to establish standardized forms and documentation procedures. In collaboration with the Ethics Committee, it will address issues of confidentiality, client rights to produced work and storage of sensitive information as relevant to digital media.